Welcome to my blog

A journal to record my umpteen experiments in the Kitchen!

Cooking is symbolic of love when words are inadequate



Baking can be therapeutic, it can be fun and for many it is a passion. For me it is an experience and I would like to share it with you all.


I am a moody cook and my recipes are most successful when I cook on an empty stomach. I share all these quirks and much more.


Experimenting with fresh produce and spices is my latest jam (no pun intended). Come with me through my journey of various fails and successes.

Featured Recipe

Mint Milk Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream

About Me

Hi! I am Samyukta and I am an experimental cook and baker. More than my heart, I follow my stomach when I cook and hence my recipes come out the most successful when I am cooking on an empty stomach.

I started this blog to chronicle recipes that are close to my heart and those that I have now made fool-proof by experimenting with them to my hearts content.

Again, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy sharing my experiences with you through my various posts.