Essential Info

Results can vary for home bakers and cooks even if they follow the same recipe to the ‘T’. In addition to the climate, altitude and other Geographical shebang, other (very) important aspects are the tools and equipment used for a certain recipe. From your Oven to your refrigerator/freezer to your food processor and even arm strength (hello bread dough!), every little aspect can affect your final outcome and hence I am using this page to make values of default variables visible (did I just sound like I was writing code?).

Oven Model – Bajaj Majesty 2201TM (OTG)

Hand Mixer – Morphy Richards HM02 300 Watts

Refrigerator – Samsung RTK39K5518S8/TL/2016 (Setting – Fridge: 3 C & Freezer: -17 C)

1 cup (measure) – 220 ml/250 gms of All Purpose Flour

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